Wednesday, November 17, 2010

corn prices

I sent SAM to get 50 pounds of crack corn for the chickens. I feed a pellet that is called egg maker and probably is mostly soy beans but I also throw out a little crack corn for the hens in the morning. The corn was 5.25 for 50 pounds last month but yesterday it was 6.95 for 50 pounds. I pay 9.95 for 50 pounds of the layer pellets. I don't know how much the price had gone up on that.

You better hold on to you hat, prices are going up . I may have to cut back on my chickens and guineas if the price goes up much more.

Poor people have ate corn bread over the ages but we might see the time when we can't afford bread if the Price of grain keeps climbing.


Donna said...

Everything is getting sky-high. It's scary to go to the grocery store and see prices that have doubled in the last two years.

Judy said...

Food is really going up and all the cans are getting smaller. Most pound cans are now 14 ounces!