Monday, November 22, 2010

dinner and family plans

I have been awake for ever it seems and it is still not 6 O'clock. It gets dark so early these days it seems and day light take for ever to arrive.

Janet had visitors last evening two friends from work came by and stayed for awhile.

I have to make pies Wednesday and Begin to think about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Helen is going to California and will be opting out on cooking the big dinner. I guess mike will have to go to McDonald's for dinner. Helen always made such a production on holidays meals I bet he will feel strange not have a big dinner.

Brother said he was going south for Thanksgiving. I don't know if Fleta is cooking or not. Betty will probably go to the daughters for her meal. I bet Erin will have a large meal with lots of fating deserts. Kelly is having company for Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't heard from Tony maybe his daughter will drive up for the week-end.

I am cooking ham and potatoes for the big dinner. Janet put in for a vacation day so she will have a long foot ball week-end.

The wind is still howling out side my door. It has blew like that for 24 hours. Wish it would lay.


Donna said...

We have that wind here, too. I'm fixing the big dinner on Saturday, it will work out better for everyone.

Sister--Three said...

We are going to Erin's. She is cooking turkey for all of us. I am making dressing and 7 layer salad. Laura is making dessert except the pie Erin has that job. It will all be good. I used to get lunch room rolls that were so good. Now it is against the law for her to sell them to us. I guess the flour was commodity or something.

Hope your day is good with you not having to do too much work.

Margie's Musings said...

I get Rhodes frozen rolls at Wal Mart and they are just like homemade.

My daughter is cooking the turkey. The rest of us will bring the rest. I will bring Waldorf salad and pies. There will be fourteen of us.

Winnie said...

We will all be her for Turkey dinner around 1 PM...the girls each bring a vegetable and Cindy makes the rainbow jellow salad and Dawn will bring the fruit salad. I willl make all the traditional fixings with cornbread dressing that is family tradition from Mom. Our rolls are "Sister Shuberts" It should be a wonderful day...we have invited our new friend from china for her first Thanksgiving dinner.