Friday, November 05, 2010


Billie is coming to day at noon, here is a resonate photo in case everyone has forgot what he looks like.

I had a dream really silly dream my husband had bought a farm, now most of you know Dillard didn't know anything about a farm anyway there was a whole herd of mules, maybe 20 head that came with the farm and remember I told you Dillard was dumb about farming well these mules all had colts! In case some don't know mules are a hybrid and are sterile. Dillard had a buyer for 2 mules and I was hunting the mules on 40 acres and couldn't find them any where. I woke just as I decided to trying calling them "Here mules" and they were coming then I woke.
Sometimes I have really bad dream like a few days ago I dreamed Tony had gone coon hunting and disappeared and never came home no one would go look for him and I wanted to go but I was so old I couldn't walk very far. I was glad when I woke from that night mare. thank God she didn't have a colt.
I am getting one to 5 brown eggs a day but my blue eggers have not laid in 4 days. can't figure out why. people are always wanting blue egg laying chicken and if these don't pick up on their laying I may put them up for sale in the spring. I want a chicken that lays an egg everyday.
I talked to the poor boys and they said they would go see the SEE.
Cold here this morning and I have not gone out yet . I am becoming a fair weather farmer. Mo. passed a kennel law, pet kennels that is about what they could keep and sell puppies. They can only have 50 mama dogs and they must give them a chance to rest between litters. They must not be kept on wire floor cages and the cages must be large doesn't say how large must be exercised and have veterinary care. must be given enough food and water. I saw one fellow who had buildings like the chicken houses here crying they were putting him out of business. I thought you should be on suicidal security anyway. He said he was going to have to lay off 5 workers so 5 families would be out of work. I thought maybe they will go back to Mexico.
They could pass a law that all female dogs have to be spay now that would take care of the problem call it prop. fix I have to go feed and water and drag the dogs out. all our dogs are fixed except that male pup of Sammy's and as soon as he gets old enough to know the facts of life I am going to explain what fixed mean. He probably will leave home at that time.
I think I will explain fixed to Billie while he is here.

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