Saturday, November 06, 2010

Freedom post later

I will not turn the guineas out again until I am ready to let them go free. It was more of a job to get them back in than I wanted. The pearl guinea is a rooster and the lavender guinea is a female.
It is 32 degrees Right now and it is cold in here. the thermostat is set on 60 degrees. I call yesterday to order propane and the price is 1.99 a gallon . This is better than I have paid. I think the highest I have ever paid was 2.39. either ways it comes down to a lot of money.
I got 2 eggs yesterday both brown the blue eggs better start laying soon or they will be gone in the spring.
I did see that Obama has arrived to the opinion that the reason the big Demo failure was miss communication talk about living in a bubble, no this is fantasy land.
I saw where Kieth Olbermann was suspended for making political donations with out his boss's approval but I smell something stinking because I watched Rachel Maddow Kieth's good buddy but on this show about how Fox news host had put money into the campaign of about every repub running this season naming the amounts which added up to Two Million and that the only person guilty to such donations on msnbc news was her good ole buddy.
I think it is a farce . He has spent 7 years bashing President Bush and now he either has to point out that Obama has laid an egg or change his tune besides did you notice that every donation that was made to any candidate by Kieth or Fox new was shorty before the candidate appeared on the donating Host show or as they were on the said Host show including Olbermann. couldn't you make the case that the candidates were actually paid to appear on the the Host show?

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