Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Raisin Pie receipt

This post is for Helen , receipt for raisin pie. buy pie crust at store either a package that has two crust or buy 2 packages with crust in each.
Turn oven on to 350 degrees , dump some raisins in a pot pour some water on raisins, pour on some sugar add dash of salt. put pot on burner and bring to boil stir in 2 table spoons of flour paste, make paste in tea cup some flour add cold water mix into flour. pour flour gup into boiling raisins. turn off heat. Dump raisins in mixture into one store pie shell fill to brim if any raisins left over put in frig for another day. take number two crust and dump on top of raisins pie cut some holes in crust sprinkle with sugar and put dots of margarine around on top of pie. bake till crust turns golden brown. let cool and eat.

Does this remind you of the school children's receipts for Thanksgiving? now when I make pumpkin pie I follow the receipt on the pumpkin can and always use canned evaporated milk. I measure everything for pumpkin pie cause if you don't it can be a big mess. either it will separate or curdle either way it is a mess. If there is no receipt on the can I dig out my good house keeping cook book that I have had for 50 years and follow that receipt for pumpkin pie. That receipt is the same as the one on Libby's canned pumpkin . Helen told me last year Libby's canned pumpkin is really squash mixed with pumpkin. Oh well!

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