Thursday, November 11, 2010

snake killers one and all!

I hate snakes, all snakes. most of my family are like me in that respect.
My grandma Powell had long black hair . She braided it and wound the braid around her head. The length was about 5 feet at one time. She would unwind her braid and let it hang free at night.
One dark night grandpa woke and saw a black snake on his pillow. He jumped up yelling mom get up get up. She awoke and after she got off the bed grandpa tore the bed down looking for the snake which he never found. He decided that what he had seen was grandma's braid . They had been married 35 years and this was the first time grandpa had this happen.

One time My uncle Truman was working in Kansas city and daddy and mama made a trip to Denver to see if aunt Francis and her children were doing OK. When they drove up Francis came out on the porch yelling hurry Willis there is a snake in the kitchen. It was a 6 foot black snake and daddy said it fought him as he tried to kill it with out damaging aunt's floor.

Once after daddy died Clayton was staying with Mama and when he went in the bathroom he saw this Hugh black snake when he got a weapon to kill it it was gone. Mama got a new remodeled bathroom never knowing she owed it to a black snake.

My uncle Floyd would grab a snake by the tail and pop it's head off. No one else in our family could do that and no Margie we don't eat snake but don't want to share our dinner with them either.


Margie's Musings said...

What a shame! I have heard it is quite good and tastes a bit like chicken. :)

Sister--Three said...

We let the king snakes live! Kill the rest. Laura killed a Spread Adder near the pool this fall. Siggie told us "Momma killed a King Cobra". Wonder where she got that skill of telling a little more to make a story better! Yelp, from her Granny Gigi.

Judy said...

Oh my. I would run into something and hurt myself getting away from a snake. I could never kill one because I would never get close enough. One got in my house one time when I lived in the country. I drove five miles with the kids in the car to get someone to kill it. We could never find it. I did not sleep for days scared to death I would open a drawer or it would crawl out from under something. My girls said I told them to grab what they wanted because we were never coming back!