Sunday, November 14, 2010

speaking of sacks

hemp crop and tow sack
Does anyone remember the versatile tow sack that stock feed was sold in at one time? They were particle and in my case profitable because daddy would let me collect them when I was a girl and sell them back to the feed mill for 5 cents each.
tow sack were made from hemp as were the sturdy ropes that were used around the farm.
hemp is marijuana and all hemp is outlawed in this country. hemp can be a profitable crop for a farmer to grow but the people who grew this plant have long faded away because of the governments war on the marijuana growers. Hemp does not have enough of the TCL to make you high , TCl is the substance in marijuana that make you high so the hemp industry bit the dust in this country because of the drug enforcement agency.
Stock feed is sold in plastic sacks or paper both of these products are not environmentally friendly and do not promote the green earth industry and even if tow sacks are cheaper, better and could provide a cash crop for a farmer our government has outlawed the growing of hemp. Hemp is grown in Canada legally but in our country we believe in cutting our nose off to spite our face.
If you have ever tried to use a nylon or cotton rope you will know they are useless so here is another way we are being stupid now you can buy a hemp rope but they are very expensive and are hard to find. I suppose the reason is they have a high cost is they are imported from Canada.
I have a small sack about the size of a child's purse that had coffee beans in it at one time this is the only tow sack I have seen in years. I say I have it I just don't know where it is at this time.

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