Monday, November 15, 2010

stamps and money

I am going to town today, there is a book sale at the library and Sammy has consented to take me.
I have to go by the post office and mail a letter. I noticed the post office lost millions this year and so They will want to raise the price of postage again, the reason they lost money was the amount of mail was less seems they should realize they need to cut wages or something. To raise the price of stamps will mean less mail thus less money.
The weather is to remain cool today. it is that time of year.
The sisters have all stopped posting I guess they are all busy with grandchildren or something.
I was talking to Fleta yesterday and I had put the dogs into their coops for the night. Janet passed by and proceeded to let them out. I objected and told fleta that Janet lets them out and then shuts her door where they can't get in her room.
Fleta's answer was to open the door and let them in Janet's room. I tell you that isn't a good answer that is just an invitation to argue and fight so to head off war in the further I had her put them back up end of the argument.


Margie's Musings said...

Yes, Patsy, the post office just defeats itself by raising the cost of postage. They pay their employees way too much!

Donna said...

I pay almost all my bills online these days, and most everybody I know does the same. That's probably what's bankrupting the postal service.

sunnycalgirl said...

We had a book sale at our library on Saturday. I had the day off so I got to go to it and bought a heavy bagful for $5.00...