Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steven Gillon a life wasted

Continuing Fleta's post... she wrote...
And Sister up the road has the crime beat. Today as I talked with her on the phone, she told me a relative of her husband had died. I said I did not know that, but I had read in the paper a month or so ago about this relatives son dying. She said, no he did not die. I said, I read it in the paper. Sister said this cousin's son was in a little trouble with the law concerning a self-authorized prescription for pain meds. It had been some time since his run in with the law and he had not heard what they had planned for him. He came up with a plan. He called the newspaper and placed an obituary for himself. I am guessing he give them a name other than his own as the caller. When his self-authorized obituary ran in the paper, his aunt that lived only a few houses from him (not Sister), called the law to inquire what had happened to her nephew. They did not know. She told them it was in the paper that he died. I am thinking the moral of this story is, if you are going to pretend to die, you might want to let close relatives in on the secret

OK, this is Steven Gillon who called the newspaper and told the news man he was dead of course he said he was his brother, his brother was upset because the family thought Donnie had called in the obit for his brother but when I read the obit I told the family it had to be Steven who called the obit in. No one else was that stupid.
We don't usual post things about our family that does not look good but since this is my husband's family and he is dead well you know how that is..
Steven is an example of what mistakes people make in their lives . Steven had a problem when he was young but instead of his family working with him and trying to make him into a productive member of society they let him do as he pleased all his life, drawing a societal security check , never worked a day in his life. He learned to drive a car but they never helped or persuaded him to get a drivers licenses so he had a wreck and now he is in trouble about that.
He was never made to face up to anything and now his father and mother are dead and his siblings want nothing to do with him.
When he was a small child and misbehaved his mother would say ain't he cute. He isn't cute any longer.
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Donna said...

We have one right next door in our old house. Cliff's sister has one kid and he's useless. He got out of prison and immediately lost his license for drinking and driving, but they let him have a hardship license so he could go ONLY to work. Next thing you know, they picked him up going somewhere else and he was drunk, so he totally lost his license. Now he is living next door with Mommy. He's 42 years old, living off his mom and not working. And he's a thief, so we just hold our breath hoping he doesn't steal anything.
Thanks for letting me vent here. Obviously I can't put all this on my blog.

The 4th Sister said...

Well this just beats all I ever heard of....I laughed when I read it on your post...Then I really laughed when I read Fleta's....Now I'm not sure but it looks to me like this Bum's picture was taken while he was sitting in your house?