Sunday, November 21, 2010

Transportation Security Administration (TSA

Have you been keeping up with all the outrage in the new about TSA and their scan and search policies? People are howling at the moon over this . One women was wearing a skirt and she said the female patter downer ran her hand up her leg and bruised her groin. She reported she suffered pain for days after the search.

One fellow had a urine bag and he said the patter upper made it leak and he was outraged he had piss on him as he entered the plain. I wonder if the patter upper got piss on his hand and how he felt about pissy hands?

In general everyone is outraged about the searches some claim that the patter uppers are sexual predators and they TSA is allowing children to be touched in such a manner that is fertile ground for child molesters to try to gain employment.

The scanners are objected to because of radiation and I suppose if you fly often you might not want that exposure after all if you go to the hospital you are xray if you go to a dentist xray coming up and now if you are employed by the airways you could be exposed every day to xray and I think they might have a reason to fear the scanner.

As for everyone else I see the answer is plain just don't fly. Stay home and save money. The people could put the airlines out of business in 6 months or less. Throw the patter uppers and downers in the unemployment lines and they will feel right at home.
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