Friday, December 10, 2010

Clinton and Obama

I took one of my winter naps and woke to find Obama turning his press conference over to my man Bill. I watched this video and I am sure no one else would want to watch it but if you should be as crazy as I am just click on the title of this post and watch an artiest at work.

Obama left and Bill takes over the press briefing and the master had the reporters at his finger tips and was in true Clinton form.

Clinton said he believed this tax bill was the right thing to do and that Obama had done the best he could under the circumstances.
He said that we must keep the economy growing and this tax bill will do it.

Bill Clinton always amazes me when he speaks he can wind you around his finger and then throw you out there and you will spin around like the tops we played with when I was young.


Sister--Three said...

The thing that amazes me is how he knows so much. He always has a goal in mind though and it is to advance the democratic cause...I will take the tax break. Thanks, O'.

Judy said...

I saw this on C-NBC last night. Clinton is amazing and he is right, too!