Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hot water and feed have been carried to the poultry. The wind is howling and 20 degrees is the temperature. I set the buckets on the steps and then go down and lift the buckets off one bucket went amiss some how turned over so that meant another trip to get more hot water. You can see we had a trace of snow last night. I am glad there is no more snow.
This is the rooster My nephew gave me, he is looking better, he was thin and the good feed is perking him right up. Donnie told me to was counting his chickens and was getting a smaller count every day. I told him he had a predator getting in the pen at night and taking birds since he has found no dead. I suppose it is a neighbor cat since he only has one or two missing a night. He will get up some morning and find he is out of the chicken business.
His pen isn't covered on the top. Donnie thinks all he has to do is keep the chickens inside the pen come to think of it he may have a hawk or owl eating at his chicken diner.


Sister--Three said...

Oh, dear, and I thought it was cold here. Temp says 27 but the wind is howling like a wolf at my door.

Donna said...

The two chickens I bought last summer didn't last a week. They had a good pen, but something must have been a high climber. It wasn't a hawk, since they were killed in the dark of night.

10 degrees here.