Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the news

North Korea has threatened to start a HOLY war seems all wars are started as holy wars.
Mr. Bush started two holy wars, both to the god of money or was one to the god of oil.
speaking of bushes some were knocked down on a residential street in Texas last night...DALLAS — A man was questioned by the Secret Service Wednesday night after driving a muscle car onto the lawn of former President George W. Bush's home near Dallas.
Fred foy veteran of passed holy wars in my living room is dead, he was know by my generation as the lone ranger.
Obama just signed the bill overturning DADT and apparently there are a lot of gays wanting to join or rejoin their own holy war. Maybe we will have a army of gays soon to send out to wage our holy wars.
Speaking of holy wars, John McCain has been waging his own holy war in D.C. voting against nearly everything that comes to the floor including a bill on immigration that he was for before he was against, some speculate that he is still angry that he lost his bid for president but I think he is just getting senile and cranky.
TSA waged a Holy war at a airport in Louisiana over a frozen chicken stuffed with crayfish and a hunter head lamp. The terminal was evacuated while the package was examined.
Stansbury said bomb dogs and other resources were used to make sure the package did not contain anything dangerous. some reported seeing dogs eating chicken dinners.

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Winnie said...

Sarah Palin said our children are healtht and that Michele just needs to back off telling our children about healthy food. Letterman said last night that if Sarah Palin thinks our children are all healthy...the terrorist have won!