Sunday, December 26, 2010


Over at Donna's blog we were talking about rising yeast dough and she said on her "OLD" gas stove you could rise your bread with the pilot light, don't the new gas stoves have a pilot light I ask with my 1960's mind set? see we are going to get a new gas stove soon and I am thinking what on earth does she mean or has she gone electric in her new trailer? here is what I learned..
Donna said...
Patsy, in answer to your question about stoves: New gas stoves no longer have pilot lights; they start electronically. During a power outage we can light the top burners with a match, but the oven cannot be lit when the power is out, even with a match. Hang onto the stove you have. I wish I had kept my old one! Patsy thought, who uh thunk it! as for not getting a new stove that is out ours is wore out and so dirty i can't stand it in longer. Sammy cooks pretty good but he fries every thing and doesn't know to turn the heat down and has so much grease baked on the stove the sight of it makes me sick. In the past I would break down the top and throw the parts into my old wood stove but we don't heat with wood so that is not possible.
Before someone suggest Ajax and green pads I have attempted that several times.

After my visit with Donna I went on the whorl wind to see velvet down Louisiana way. Velvet has two old Big dogs she lives with and velvet loves her dogs more than I see as a option but it's her life after all. Well she said she was getting a new PUPPY cause her dogs were getting old and did I mention one is blind? It is A Goldendoodle and will weigh about 50 pounds! Oh yeah she is driving to Texas to get this bundle of Joy. A goldendoodle is a cross of a poodle and a golden retriever that is a bird dog folks.
She going to be sorry This is what I said to her, we have a pup here, Sammy has one he is 7 months old and I tell you are going to be sorry and you old dogs are going to pack up and leave home. Sam's pup gathers all the stuff he can find in the neighborhood and bring the stuff to the front porch step. then I have to pick the crap up and take it to the trash can.
some of his treasures of late included torn pink woman's panties, US army cap and dirty baby diapers.
I know Velvet will say I wont leave him out side to roam the neighborhood, she will before he is there long. Her old blind dog will learn to open the door and say come on puppy lets go play then SLAM the door as soon as puppy is out side.
I can see it now Velvet will go looking every where saying where is puppy? the old blind dog says, Don't ask me, He's not my dog!


Sister--Three said...

Patsy, I am so glad you have the internet. Do you know without it for probably would be a dead sister. The internet is your neighborhood right there in the living room. And what I love the most is I am right there in your living room laughing with you.

I hope this next year is not our last together. You are my tie to the past and I love having you so much. Want you to know how much I love and respect you and appreciate you work on this blog.

Also, Sister, I are crazy! Just like me!

Margie's Musings said...

I don't know what I would do for entertainment without you dear Patsy! You always come up with the funniest comments on your blog. But you're right about the puppy. When old Slinky is gone, I don't want another dog. They are too much work!

Velvet Sacks said...

Hahaha! You've just described my worst nightmare, Patsy, but I'm leaving in an hour to go get him anyway. If he doesn't chew up my computer cables, I'll let you know how it goes.