Monday, December 27, 2010

The secret service

seems the secret service isn't so secret after all. In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents they Protect, journalist Ronald Kessler gives us a peek inside the intimate lives of our presidents. Through interviews with over 100 secret service agents from the past and present—dating all the way back to John F. Kennedy—Kessler paints a picture of what our presidents are like when no one is looking.
I will not read this book.. There seems to be a pattern here. JFK was a woman chaser and landed many ladies.
LBJ was a skirt chaser and should have been in a nut house.
Carter is portrayed as a phony according to the agents interviewed by Kessler. Carter would put on a show for the public to convey himself as a common man, but it was never anymore than an act. For instance, we are told that when Carter would make a point of carrying his own luggage in front of the press, he was really carrying empty bags and he was unsmiling and hateful.
Vice President Al Gore was exceedingly obnoxious to his agents according to Kessler. When scolding his son for not doing well in school, Gore chastised him by warning that “if you don’t straighten up, you won’t get into the right schools, and if you don’t get into the right schools you could end up like these guys.” The “guys” Gore was referring to were his secret service agents!
Clinton was inconsiderate and Hillary never spoke to any of the secret service people. on the other hand.. Ronnie Regan was really a great fellow.
both Bush president are so nice and friendly and great people. Nixon was a little strange is all, never mind he wasn't a crook.
So how could this happen oh, I know you get all these opinions and you print what you like and throw the rest in the trash. seems odd that the republicans all nice guys and the Democrats are crooks,adulators, crazy and just mutts.
Contrary to Obama’s repeated claims that he is giving up smoking, he has continued to smoke regularly. anyone who has ever smoked would know he is smoking just as George was drinking.

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