Friday, December 24, 2010

Shep Smith does it again

Shep Smith has been my hero every since he stood on the inter state in new Orleans for 5 days alone and called on the united States government to do something for the people dying in the flood after Kernia and now he has moved to the mark again calling out the republicans in congress because they refused to pass the health bill for the 911 responders in New York....Except for maybe Jon Stewart, no one else has been out ahead of the 9/11 First-Responders Bill story as Fox News Shepard Smith. Last Friday, after The Daily Show dedicated most of the previous night’s program to the oddly controversial bill, Smith piled on, asking how congressional members who have held up the bill providing health care to emergency relief workers on 9/11 “sleep at night.” Yesterday he called out ever single GOP lawmaker by name who turned down a request to join him on his show. Today? It was Senator Tom Coburn who drew Shep’s ire.

Tom Coburn got off his duff and helped pass the bill after Shep showed his photo and told what a scum this man was. We need more newsmen like Shep Smith.

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