Tuesday, December 07, 2010

a sorry tale of sex and sin

I just read on line the account of Julian Assange troubles in Stockholm Sweden where he is accused of rape and the British has arrested him and will deport him to Sweden.

He had two sexual encounter in Stockholm last August both consensual but one condom broke and in the 2ND. encounter he refuse to use one the Lady claims. If you wish you may click on my title and read the happening as reported in "Mail on line".

You can draw your on conclusions by I think the Swedish will release him to the US for prosecution on what ever charges they can come up with in the mean time He is under arrest in Briton awaiting to be sent to Sweden.

The US senate and congress who have refused to do one item to help the unemployed and poor in our country are busy making laws to send Assange to prison. I think they will take him to Getmo in Cuba so they can shut him up permanently.
Us attorney general Eric Holderman says he has issue significant action to get Assange meanwhile, the senate is writing laws to make it illegal to publish confidential informants names. Mr Joe Lieberman is leading the charge in the Senate to pass laws to send Assange up the river or across the ocean to prison.

The world is waiting for Assenge to release the "key" to his encrypted file.


The 4th Sister said...

Getmo...yes I guess they could do what ever they want there

Margie's Musings said...

The shame of John Edwards was what he did to his sick wife. he is a sick man. I wonder if he regrets his actions.