Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This pretty much says it all.
It is raining here . The weather will turn cold again. Fleta will go back to work today it is time George says.
I guess she has gone already it is 7:20.
I got a Christmas card yesterday from the sunnygal in California. I woke when daughter came home last night and heard her talking to SAM she said Mom got a Christmas card from someone in California and I don't know who it is! Oh, is nice to know something they don't I smiled as I went back to sleep. Children reach a certain age and they think they know it all this proves they don't!
I had a good laugh this morning while reading the news, seems Chris Matthews, MSNBC news the old thrill running up his leg when he sees OBAMA ask why doesn't Obama just release his real birth certificate. From what I have read the law in Hawaii says he can't. what he has is all he can take with him. he can view the original but that is all. The governor who knew Obama's parent is trying to find a way to release the original.
I think the people whom are pushing the Birthers movement really are trying to find a way for Schwarzenegger to be president some day. He wants to be president and no doubt the birthers would want him too be the man after all he isn't a Girly-man. remember when he called some men Girly-men.

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Donna said...

Schwarzenegger, the only person who is just as bad as Palin.