Saturday, January 22, 2011

chickens and Helen's reading

Sammy bought these chickens a week ago today and they all are well so I guess they are going to live. Sammy said he would carry the water to the big white chickens no water yet carried by SAM so they are my birds. I have to carry water to them 3 times a day. Sammy is a fair weather farmer. he bought some 2 week old pullets one time. It was while he was living at Kelly's. I would love to have had them but no he put them in a box in his room under a light and 2 weeks later he took them out and turned them into the chicken pen Kelly had big hens in. 1 week later he didn't have a bird left.
Chickens have to have feed and water or they will die and young chicks need heat or a mother to cover them. Sammy is a fair weather farmer.
Helen didn't like the blog I said to read she thinks he is a fake or something. She said she had known lots of people in AA and he wasn't one of them. He didn't say he was in AA. he said he went to 1 AA meeting and didn't go back. Helen reads like Betty. They SKIM and don't retain what they read.
I enjoy reading and I retain what I read or I did before I got old . I notice now that I sometime start to read a book and get several pages into it before I think oh, I have read this before. Before I grew old and silly I would have know after the first 10 words if I had read that book before.
It is suppose to get to 40 today, watch out I made go out side and set in the sun for a while.


Donna said...

I too skim, and it sometimes gets me in trouble. Midtown Miscreant is real; I have met people who have met him. He really is an ex-con, born and raised in KC by a single mom.

Sister--Three said...

I do the same thing reading...oh, I have read this before...I know what is going to happen.

It would sound nice to say...I learned to skim studying so hard in college, but it would be a lie. I learned to skim just reading. I read fast. At school every 3 years teachers are put on a evaluating system where they have to do extra. Like read a 3 page mag. article and write a reflection. I works with a lady that will buy me a 10 dollar lunch to do one of these for here. One year, the black coach I work with...I read entire books for him and wrote reflections. I did it for nothing. Usually he does not even say I quit. But the one who buys a big lunch, I will keep reading for her.

Sometimes I think, if one does not read, they are not really that intelligent. Larry will say 'I don't read' but that is not true. He reads all the time, just not books like me. He reads and learns how to do new things. he can read and do what it says to make or make something. I get lost. Patsy, you know why....I skim. Miss so many details.