Monday, January 03, 2011

chicks and foxes

Tomorrow Fleta will be 63 years old. unbelievable.
I found a egg under the gray tote again this morning so The chickens layed 4 brown eggs and 2 green eggs yesterday.
Betty was talking about coyotes growing larger in the British Isles they have found the Foxes are growing larger...Weighing almost two stone and measuring four feet from his nose to the tip of his tail, this is thought to be the biggest fox ever found in Britain. Two stone is 26 pounds.

Twice the normal size of the species, it was trapped and killed in a garden in the South East after apparently devouring a pet cat.
I suppose Margie will say they should have ate the Fox.

The discovery has fuelled fears that urban foxes are hunting new prey after getting bigger and bolder as they gorge themselves on leftovers, including treats put out for them by animal lovers.

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