Sunday, January 09, 2011

sunday morning

This is a photo of a bug covered with dew. Looks cold doesn't it?
I got up this morning and I noticed my wall heater flame didn't look right. It was still dark out side but when I get worried about something I can't let it go . I am like a dog worrying with a bone.
I found the flash light and went out the back door and made my way to the propane tank to look at the gage to see how much fuel I didn't have.

I checked the gage, they have 2 gages on the tank and I thought I knew which gage to check. I have been doing this for 15 years after all.
Panic time!, I had 3% fuel. that is about enough to last until I got back in the house and closed the door. It is 5:30 in the morning and on this windy cold January morning the temperature is 19 degrees and it is also Sunday morning and I never tried to call the fuel truck out on Sunday and thought the call would bring about the machine dreaded phone message. we are not here leave your message at the beep!
I sat and worried what are we going to do. We have one I repeat one small electric heater that will almost put out enough heat to burn your hand on a warm day.
I decided that when the day got going I would call my brother. he bought a electric heater that he called the Mennonite heater that was suppose to be economical and really cost very little to use. I think he bought the heater from some people of the Mennonite faith and that the reason for the name. he made the mistake of telling me about his purchase last fall. I planned on calling him as soon as I could be reasonable sure he was up and about after all he isn't as young as he once was and needs his rest. I planned on saying bring me your new heater and I knew help would be coming down the road.
My daughter rose from her night rest at 7 O'clock and came to let the dogs out. I told her the sad news she said have you called the gas company? I sad no it is 7 O'clock on Sunday morning.
She said call at 8 O'clock and went back to bed. I told her she had to call because I don't do well with phone machines.An emergency number was on the machine and after she called that number the gas man was on the road.

OK, I called my son and told him to call the neighbors and tell them to keep their vicious dog in the house so the man could get in the yard. he did and they said they would keep her inside. Kelly said to turn off all of the stoves because if the tank goes empty they will charge me big money to turn the gas back on.
I turned both heaters off and sat and shivered in the cold for 2 hours then I went back to bed under an electric blanket. I guess the man ate breakfast before starting out in the cold.
Hark behold the gas man cometh! I went out the back door to greet him
He raised the hood of the tank and checked the tank. I had 40% gas. I had read the wrong gage!
Some days you shouldn't get out of bed.


Donna said...

Wow, our gas man will come in and light all the pilot lights and not charge a penny extra! I guess I had better start being thankful.

What a lot of trouble and worry you went through, and all for nothing. Sounds like something I'd do.

Linda@VS said...

How miserable you must have been. Glad the story had a happy ending.

Sister--Three said...

My gas man came last week. Did not want to run out. It cost 348 dollars to fill my tank. Ouch but I am warm.

How did that mennonite heater work?
I was thinking abot getting one.

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like the things I sometimes do! I have learned to REALLY double check before I panic! Don't want to hear my daughter say "Oh Mom" too often.