Thursday, January 13, 2011

cold chickens and guineas

The hen nearest the camera has frost on her back. It is 8 degrees here and not getting warm fast. We are suppose to get up to 31 degrees today and tonight we will only drop down to 20 degrees so I can leave the water off tonight. I have to run water when it get below 10 degrees to prevent busted pipes. I am getting 6 eggs a day now. The hens will begin to lay more eggs when we reach February. I am ready for spring. You can see the corn on the ground in the photo.The chickens like and need corn for the fat content in the winter to survive the cold weather.

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Judy said...

Hi Patsy, It is as cold here as in Arkansas! I like Bill Clinton, too. Did you see where Hillary tripped and fell into the door of that airplane? I don't think she hurt herself though. I am ready for spring!