Sunday, January 02, 2011

day 2 this new year

i went to feed, it is 21 degrees and the warm water was appreciated by the poultry.i had a surprise i saw one green egg laying by the gray tote that the chickens some times use as a nest.I looked under the tote and found 2 more green eggs and one brown egg. They were real cold but not frozen . I had just not looked under that tote for a few days.
one of the red hens escaped when I opened the gate but the hens are easier to get back in then the guineas. Thank goodness I wasn't prepared to chase fowl this morning. the rooster crowed again this morning so I suppose he has found his voice.


Balisha said...

Wish I had taken a canary has laid 3 eggs since before Christmas. She is so lethargic after laying an I put a marble in the nest and she's sitting on that.No male so they didn't hatch. Balisha

sunnycalgirl said...

I am glad you didn't have to chase any fowl either..What a nice surprise to find the eggs!