Friday, January 28, 2011

echos from the past

In the school year of 1953/54 I attended a Bible school out side Ozark Arkansas on top of a mountain over looking the Arkansas river. I had many good friends there not the least of was Betty and Bill Burbank. Betty's home was alts Arkansas and Bill's was Peoria Illinois.
Over the years I had wondered about these two people since we were are getting up there in age I even wondered if they were still among the living.
my questions were answered when I was able to find their names on a site that I used at times.
I called and got Betty on the phone and was able too learn some bits about their
life over the last 50 some odd years.This is a snap shot Betty sent me today , The years have been kind to them or this photo maybe several years old. either way I was was glad to get the photo.
Betty said it wasn't a resonate photo and I believe it maybe a few years past.Either way I was glad to get the picture.


Betty said...

It is a lot of fun to find people you used to know years ago, and lost touch with. I've done that, too.

Sister--Three said...

It is nice for you to connect to these old friends once more. Over 50 years has passed...I know you wonder about others who were there with you at school.