Monday, January 31, 2011


Two years ago this month we has a massive ice storm in the Ozarks and the weather man says it going to happen again. I hope he is wrong, we will see.

Do you ever think you have lost your mind? my printer quit me the other day and I spent hours looking for the disk. I looked high, I looked low for about 6 hours. I found everything except the disk. Tonight I opened one of the doors on my compute stand and there was my disk laying in plain sight. I think I have gone around the bend.

Helen wanted me to ask Fleta to come up and try to help me but I would not ask her because I didn't want to tell her I had lost the disk. I have found the disk so Fleta when you have the time come up and help me if you will.


sunnycalgirl said...

I've done the same, searching for something that really wasn't lost. Just couldn't see it..

Sister--Three said...

I lose something almost everyday.