Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keith Olbermann and mud

Keith Olbermann is out of a job. I thought when president Bush went to Texas who is Olbermann going to rant about now. His show was 99% giving George hell.not that I cared for Bush but if you have a program based on giving the President hell and he goes out of office where do you go?
I clicked over once in while to see what he was doing and most of the time he was ranting about Bill O'Relly over on fox, now Bill leaves a lot to be desired but you can't make a career on giving him a hard time. I will not miss Olbermann but they replaced him with Ed Schultz, are they crazy.
I went to feed and tossed some hay for the chickens to play with since the snow is gone and now we have mud.

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Donna said...

Our snow is going to be here for awhile.