Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Of birds and fishes

There is a lot of chatter on the net about our birds and fishes kills in Arkansas, the government says the birds died of blunt force trauma how about this suppose you can fly and you are sailing on a midnight flight with 4 to 5 thousand of you fellow being and all at once you can not fly. What happens? You drop like a rock. when you hit the solid earth , blunt force trauma!
The question is why did the birds stop flying? did they all at once forget how?
The government said there was no danger but the fellows who went in to pick up the birds wore hasmat suits? Why? is this just a new fashion for the new year?
There is a group of people who believe that We have chemtrailed released from jets are poison the air you can research that on the net if you are interested.
Some are saying that a earth quake might have caused gas to be released into the air and that killed the birds. A earthquake was felt near Conway Arkansas a few days before new years. I felt the tremor and told Helen about it and she made fun of me. Here are a few comments I found on the net names are changed to protect the innocent..

January 3rd, 2011 at 1:59 pm The wise Owl said..
so nothing going on. why they hell where the guys doing the clean up have gas masks on?lol i can see gloves but full body jumpssuits and mask. but nothing wrong here? really? guy on fox said it was fire works and birds where spooked and flew into things. 1 problem birds can see better at night then we can. i could see 10 maybe 20 birds not whole flocks of them.I’d say something spray killed the birds off then got into the water killed those fish...
The NWA highway travler said..
I live in NWA and last Thursday 12/30 while traveling east on I-40 between Fort Smith and Clarksville, AR I passed a Ford SUV with a multitude of antenna arrays on it. The vehcile was plan white, no markings with a AR license plate The vehicle exited at the Ozark Exit. Ozark is in the area where the fish kill is located. I have also noticed an increase in chem trails in the sky. In fact even on cloudless nights I have witnessed them. No on can tell me otherwise as the Contrails are noticeably shorter and evaporate seconds after emitting fro mthe planes engines.
Porky said..
I find it interesting that the Government can say it may be due to lightning or hail or fireworks. People don’t shoot off enough fireworks to harm that large an area, yet alone one speicies and during a storm! Something is very fishy here… no pun intended.
The yard man said...
Hmmmmm!!! Arkansas Nuclear One is located just a couple miles from where 100,000 fish were killed. The water drops off from a lake into the Arkansas River.
The Washinton professer said ..
The people there are wildly effected. I mean, have you been to the Ozarks and seen the people who live there?!? They all look like people from Deliverance.
Ted said...
I think its pretty straight forward. Arkansas was hit over the last few days with pretty wild weather. Both severe storms and tornadoes generate alot of electromagnetic energy. Both birds and fish navigate with subtle changes in electric and magnetic fields. The especially severe weather affected them electromagnetically to the point of it being fatal..
This sounds pretty logical except that there were really only one species of bird affected, this is what is really disturbing.

There are many more comments on the net so you can hunt for them and amuse your self of quake in your boots. Most think the government is behind what ever happen and that this is some type of government experiment . What ever it is I am sure the government did it!

It should be noted that the fish killed were all bottom feeders and so what ever killed the fish had settled to the bottom of the lake or was in the soil washed into the streams meanwhile the government says the fish are safe to eat as long as you don't eat dead fish..LOL


Donna said...

So, we are supposed to eat live fish? I noticed on the news the birds that died were red-winged blackbirds; those don't stick around in the winter where I live. I guess Arkansas is far enough south that they stay.

Fleta said...

Maybe the fish died from the fallout from the sky. Bird drop.

Lucky-1 said...

Interesting read Patsy.