Friday, January 07, 2011

Old friends found

Helen told me the other day that she had been searching for a Friend she had know several years ago and had found her on the net. I told her I had been looking for a man for years she said that is all you need! she thought I was joking but this time I was serious. I said I am not joking I have been looking for Bill and Betty Burbank from Peoria Ill. who I went to school with and have been searching for them at least 25 years.
I got to thinking about them tonight and on This site you can use I did a search for them again and I found them. I talked to Betty for at least 30 minutes on the phone. Betty and Bill are 77 years old and still alive which in it self is a miracle. The Burbank's had one child that I knew of her name is Nena and her name was listed as living in the home. I was amazed that I found them. I knew when I saw Bill age 77 and Betty in her 70's with daughter nena in her 50's that I had found them!
the Internet is an amazing thing.


Sister--Three said...

That is awesome. i am looking for the man in FL that has the same dna as Larry...I found him, but he has not answered the phone yet. So, I will not be absolutely sure until I get him on the phone.

Love the internet, too.

Donna said...

Indeed it is.

The 4th Sister said...
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