Monday, January 24, 2011

our mother

Today is mama's birth day . she was born January 24,1921. Last year I said she was born on the 21. You see I remembered the year but mistakenly thought the year was her birthday. I was careful not to make that mistake again.
She bore 8 children and never had a ambition to do anything except to please our daddy and to care for us.
I have heard it said many time about someone who died ,she was devoted to her family but I have never know anyone except Mama who had such devotion to home and hearth.
Daddy loved us but he did have other interest out side the home but mama never did.


Donna said...

That's how it was with many women of that generation.

Sister--Three said...

She would be 90 if she were with us.

Balisha said...

Wonderful memories of your Mom...Balisha

sunnycalgirl said...

I'm sure you hold many special memories of her in your heart..