Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are going to get the big one I think. Winnie Jo doesn't have any thing on us. I wonder if Betty has snow yet?
See the handles leaning against the Barbecue? that is our shovel and hoe. we are ready.

I have not gone to feed yet. I have to get my courage up.
The temperature is 31 degrees. just right for a big snow fall.
Fleta had better stayed home but she probably didn't .I am going to try to get Janet to call in say can't come car in yard wont move.
Tony 's boss has a beef butchered every year for him and he brought me his last arm load of beef from last year. We will certainly be grateful for the good roast and steak during this mess.
My good nurse came by yesterday and dropped off my supplies a day early. Nancy is a very good person.

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