Sunday, January 30, 2011


Stones with a message..
Hung for stealing horses that didn't exist
Here are the people responsible for this
Under that was the names of the jurors who convicted him.
As you pass by
and cast an eye
as you are now
so once was I.

Here lies Slip Mcvey
He would be here today
But bad whiskey and a fast gun
put him away

Here lies Lester Moore
four shots from a .44
No Les-no more

Owen Moore has passed away
Owin' More than he could could pay

Here lies Kelly,
We buried him today.
He lived the life of Riley,
....when Riley was away!


Sister--Three said...

I love the old headstones and when I look at one I can't help but wonder about the person's life.

Sister--Three said... Donna on your links. I like reading her blog and have to go find her in a round about way. If she is there...what is it under?

Speck said...

Wow Patsy! I recognize that stone! Now you're putting *my* family history on your blog in addition to yours. I'm honored. :)

Those are my great-great-great grandparents Willis SPEARS and Zilpha (FARMER) SPEARS. They're buried in the Lamon-Trussell Cemetery in Grenada County, Mississippi. Yes, my Southern roots run deep.

This is the coolest gravestone I've ever seen. Love the rose detail at the top. I think the name Zilpha is cool too. Don't think I would burden a child with it in this day and age though.