Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wayne Darbys life

In the obit of Wayne Darby it was stated that he made the best out of the hand that was dealt him. This was not idle talk, I went to school with Wayne at Denver and he was afflicted in his mental ability some what. I don't know what the term might have been for his aliment but he had learning problems and like the families did in my youth the family gathered around him, protecting him and giving him all of the best that they were able to provide.

Wayne worked on a job most of his life. The jobs he was able to get were low paying jobs. I know he worked in a cafe at Hollister Mo. washing dishes. he had some sort of room at the establishment and apparently was a valuable employee at lest he was faithful. I know he worked there for several years.

I saw him in Bobs market a few years back and he was wearing hearing aids. I wondered if perhaps his problem was that he was deaf and no one realized that was his problem.

What ever his problem he never brothered any one and worked and made his own way in this word. as for Betty's question yes, he was the brother of the Darby girl's father.
No doubt a family member wrote the line he did the best he could with the hand he was delt and I wondered who wrote it and when I saw Eva Bells name I thought perhaps she wrote the line. Eva bell is wayne's father sister.

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Sister--Three said...

Thank you for explaining. I thought that might be Gail's Uncle. I think Gail's father was killed in an auto wreck.