Sunday, February 27, 2011

Britian egg prices

Supermarket eggs are creeping up in price and now cost more than 30p each, research shows.

A box of six free range eggs costs an average of £1.80 at many major stores, and is likely to rise further.

Farmers’ groups have warned that the industry is in crisis as prices are failing to keep pace with spiralling overheads.

This is partly down to a steep rise in the cost of chicken feed.

It is 70 per cent wheat and about 12.5 per cent soya and makes up 60 per cent of the cost of producing eggs.

Prices rose by 70 per cent last year after Russia introduced an export ban on homegrown wheat after a series of droughts.

Poultry farmers are also being forced to end the practice of rearing hens in battery cages, ahead of an EU ban that comes into force in 2012, and are required to use only non-GM feed by supermarkets. These factors mean producing eggs costs more.

Supermarkets are now passing the rising prices on to customers and many own-brand eggs cost 30p each.

A box of six Sainsbury’s mixed woodland free range large eggs works out at 33p an egg, while six Tesco happy egg free range large eggs cost 30p each. Waitrose sells six Columbian Blacktail free range large eggs for 30p each and six Burford Brown free range eggs for 33p each.

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Speck said...

If I've done the currency conversions correctly, 30p BPS = $.48 USD. That would make British eggs cost $5.76 USD per dozen. I paid $1.64 for a dozen tonight at Wally World. They weren't free-range or organic though.

If eggs were over $5 here, my cholesterol count would go waaay down.

Judy said...

Eggs have gone up at Kroger and Walmart here recently but so has everything else. It seems like every time I walk in the store things are higher. I love my eggs though. Yesterday, I posted chocolate gravy on my food blog. Some had heard of it but a lot had not. Just wondered if you had ever had it or made it? I love your yard turkey. He sure is a pretty animal.