Monday, February 21, 2011

goverment shut down

If President Obama and congressional Republicans do not reach an agreement on how to fund the final seven months of the fiscal year, some military veterans might not receive benefits checks and other Americans would be unable to apply for Social Security. The State Department might not issue new passports, unemployment statistics would not publish as scheduled, museums and national parks would close, and worse - piles of elephant manure might pile up in a National Zoo parking lot because workers can't ship it away for composting.

The manure from the elephants could be dumped on John Boehner's front lawn. since he said if people were with out because of his cut, tuff luck.

We saw riots in Egypt last week that will be nothing compared to what happens in the U. S. if the social security checks are not sent out on time. The law would not be of help because they will not get paid either and we can't call out the army cause they are in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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