Monday, February 07, 2011


It is snowing lightly here 30 degrees and a brisk wind out of the north west made my feeding time short. I think the snow will not be much but who knows since we have been seeing snow every day.
Fleta went a different route yesterday and posted photos of the , she said, stone grave yard. I think the name is the Callean grave yard.

The grave Yard has large piles of stones and a few years ago I heart this story.

pre civil war a family from the south thought there was going to be war over slavery so they made their way to northwest Arkansas and bought land. They brought their slaves and the slaves and the family lived on that land until their death. Since it is the Callen grave yard I wonder if their name was Callen. There are no marked graves with the name Callen in the grave yard.

The story as told to me was that the slaves marked their graves with these rock that you see in the photo some of the stacked rocks are 4 foot high and make me think of bleacher. True or not my imagination feed on the story and I went many times to that grave yard when a girl to think about the history of that piece of land and the black slaves that were perhaps buried there since I had read "Gone with the wind" I had many romantic notions about those days floating around in my head.

I did a computer search a couple years back for that type of stacked rocks and did find photos of that type of markers on graves in the south.


Winnie said...

Guess who has moved way to the middle and is just about to call herself an "Independent"...I'm just disgusted with all of them

Sister--Three said...

I think lots of folks did graves like these before 1850. I always thought it was because of all the animals then ...did nto want the graves dug into.