Sunday, February 20, 2011

new chicks

Sammy sold his big white hens yesterday. he didn't make much money on them 50 cent each on 9 of them and 5 sold for 6 dollars each but they are gone and i am glad. They ate like hogs. If I had been able I would have butchered them they would have been good eating.

He spent as much as he got. He bought bantams. 6 or 7 roosters and the rest are hens. One chick is so young I am not sure what it is, rooster or hen.

We had a lot of crowing this morning when the day light arrived. I think he has 14 bantams chickens. I told him the hens would all be setting by April.

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Sister--Three said...

But those bantie hens will keep laying until they are ancient and the eggs are so good. Way to go Sammie. Wish he live closer, he would have a buyer.