Friday, February 04, 2011

red bird

6 O'clock am and we are setting on 22 degrees a far cry from what the weather man was saying. To my delight he was wrong his 6 degrees has not materialized. Hopefully we will see cleared roads today. Maybe the groundhog was correct perhaps it is spring.I have been thinking of things that have passed this winter and I haven't seen the white cat with a missing paw in quite some time and we have nare a blue jay on this hill. It seems like we have them year around usually but we don't see any of late perhaps they migrate if it gets too cold.
I certainly hope they weren't flying with the black birds around Beebe Ar. celebrating new year!

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Sister--Three said...

We have no school today...they think a storm is coming. This is a first for me. Usually we go and then come home if it comes. I guess so many storms have hit us they are believers.

Anyway I am home today.