Tuesday, February 01, 2011

sleet and the famous egg 31 degrees and sleet

Sleet still falling and we have ice on the trees. Kelly made it to work and may never go home again. He is on 24 hour call and his job is to keep the generators going on the eggs. They have propane generators at the hatchery but the 2 big tanks only last for 24 hours so if they lose power he has to be there to see that the trucks get to hatchery as needed.
he lives over the other side of Rudd mountain. In fair weather we call it the Rudd hill but on days like to day it is a mountain any way he said he had a quarter of ice on his windshield when he started to work at 4 this morning.
Fleta and Janet are home and will be safe with me guarding the front door and Clayton guarding Fleta's only exit.I guess Tony is out with the turkeys if he has any but the houses are warm so he can go inside with them.
Note the famous egg.

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