Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what I would do

If I had my life to live over
It would be just the same
If faults grew like clover
I would have my share
with out finding blame
with many to spare.
Betty wants to wear purple when she is old and I suppose that means she has lived with restrains in her life.
Helen wouldn't spank and would take the kiddies to church but she doesn't say what church she also would see Elvis.
me I would just go plodding along making mistakes and doing sin until my Lord takes me home and then I will walk streets of gold, wear a crown and purple robes singing a happy tune at the foot of his throne.


Sister--Three said...

See you want to wear purple too. Daddy always said don't waste time looking back and that is what I try to do. Too late...just move on doing the best you can.

Sorry, Helen, Elvis and Beatles would not even be on my list. If I could have a might be to have any book I wanted to have and be able to visit all the court house records in the world at a snap of my fingers. I would want to know the past...not go back....but know who was there in my history.

The 4th Sister said...

Well I really do not have regrets about not seeing Elvis but it does sound good....kind of like Pat's I've tasted everything I have wanted to eat...

Sister--Three said...

Hey, and guess what we really did not paddle our two....

I don't believe Larry paddled either ever. I did paddle once for them getting in the pond. I punished with lectures just like Daddy. They hated it but knew better than to say a word or the lecture would be longer. Often I lectured when driving down the road. They could not get away.