Monday, March 21, 2011

4 toes 5 toes 6 toes

San bought this rooster at the Huntsville sale a while back thinking he was a hen. Most chickens have 4 toes but this one has 5 toes on one of his feet the other has the normal 4 toes. There are some breed of chickens that have 5 toes on their feet so I think this is a gift from his forbears.
The silkie and the dorking chicken breeds both have 5 toes. The faverollies breed also sports 5 toes and this is where I think Sam's rooster got his fifth toe.
There are some people born with 6 toes believe it or not. When I work at Tyson it was my job to sell boots to the employees and one day This young fellow a native of Guatemala was buying boots and he requested a certain size. I told him I felt that size would be to large for him. He explained that he had 6 toes on one foot and had to have a larger size than you would expect him to wear. I ask him to remove his sock so I could view this foot when he did I saw he had a second little toe. This no doubt was not a problem in his home land having gone bare foot or perhaps wearing sandals but it was a real problem at Tyson where everyone had to wear shoes.

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Donna said...

About your question on my blog: Of course I stepped in the green squishy stuff all the time; it really didn't even bother me. I'd just go to the outside hydrant and rinse off my feet, good as new.