Sunday, March 27, 2011

church gun

LITTLE ROCK — A bill giving pastors the authority to allow congregants to carry concealed handguns in church is on its way to the Arkansas state Senate after passing the House.

The House voted 65-23 Friday for the bill by Rep. Bryan King of Berryville.

King says the bill gives churches the freedom to choose whether to allow weapons. Current law prohibits the carrying of a gun into church.

Rep. Efrem Elliott of Altheimer opposed the bill and expressed dismay that the chamber was arguing about the prospects of shootouts in churches.

Rep. Randy Stewart of Kirby noted that the bill wouldn’t open churches to everyone with concealed carry permits, only those with permission from the pastor.

I wonder where Bryan goes to church and do I want to go to his church? Can't you see it now....WE will pray for you or if not we will shot you. church prayer "LORD TAKE THIS SOUL HOME!" BANG!
Also if the weapon is concealed why do you have to get the pastors permission? will God speak to the pastor in a quite voice" PISSS, John has a gun with out permission."

Christ restored the ear that Peter cut off how would he feel about this new church shooting you in the gut?

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Sister--Three said...

All I can say is ....what a deal! Two commandments...
Love God above all
Love thy neighbor as thyself

Where is hide thy weapon and shoot to kill?