Friday, March 11, 2011

earth quakes and high tides

Recent earthquakes near Greenbrier, AR
Time Magnitude Location
3 hours ago 3.2 Oklahoma Map
Yesterday 2.8 Arkansas Map
Yesterday 3.5 Arkansas Map

The sun is shining and we have the promise of a nice day unlike Japan and all along the west coast. Sammy heard on the radio they had another quake in Arkansas. sounds as if the the world is coming apart at the seams.
These bantams are going about their lives undisturbed by earth quakes or high water.


Sister--Three said...

Japan must have had a huge quake in the ocean.

Judy said...

I agree with you Patsy. This weird weather all over the world is really strange. It's like mother nature is trying to tell us all something. She may bring us all to our knees before it is over. Hope you have a good weekend and are feeling better.