Monday, March 14, 2011

Project mud turtle trap, job for Larry

Things You'll Need:
6 plywood boards
Chicken wire mesh
Tape measure
Electric drill
Drill bits
Metal rod
Mesh bag

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Nail together four plywood boards to create a square or rectangular box frame.

Cut the chicken wire mesh to fit the bottom of the box frame. Staple the chicken wire mesh to the bottom of the box frame.

Drill two holes with the electric drill on opposite sides of the box frame. Use the tape measure to make sure the two hills are drilled evenly across from each other. The holes should be large enough to fit the metal rod inside.

Slip the metal rod through the two holes.

Nail one plywood board to the side of the box to create a ramp. The ramp will rest in the water so the turtle can crawl up to the ramp to get to the box.

Balance one plywood board on the metal rod. Once the turtle crawls up onto this plywood board, it will flip up, and the turtle will fall into the trap. It will then become trapped at the bottom of the plywood box until removed.

Go to a body of water where mud turtles tend to congregate and tie the box to a fence post resting near the water, or another structure, to keep the trap from floating away.

Bait the trap by placing a mesh bag of food on the plywood board balanced on top of the metal rod. Mud turtles typically eat insects, worms, shellfish and plants, but will also eat liver and fruit.

Check the trap daily. You have to reset the trap each time a mud turtle falls into the trap. Also, checking the trap daily will make sure turtles don't die in the trap or that snakes or other unwanted creatures become trapped in the box.
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Read more: How to Make a Mud Turtle Trap |

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