Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Whole lot of shaken going on.

One town plagued for months by swarm of earthquakes

GREENBRIER, AR – Greenbrier, in central Arkansas experienced the strongest earthquake that state has felt in over 35 years. The quake hit a approximately 11 pm Sunday night and centered just northeast of Greenbrier which is about 40 miles from Little Rock. More than 800 earthquakes have hit the area since September of last year in what is being called the Greenbrier earthquake swarm.

According to the US Geological Survey website the quake which was felt as far away at Ft. Smith Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee struck 4 miles northeast of Greenbrier. It registered a 4.7 on the Richter scale and occurred at a depth of 2.4 miles. Eighteen minutes later another quake measuring 3.8 struck at a depth of 2.6 miles and was located 3 miles north-northeast of Greenbrier.
We go to bed tonight and might wake up to a new world during the night.


Sister--Three said...

Larry said this is 40 miles from us as a crow flies.

Erin said...

i think i know SG from the hospital. i don't think he has our HH. We are down nurses so not really taking many admissions.