Monday, April 04, 2011

cream separator

When I was a girl we milked our cows and then poured the milk into a cream separator just like this except the base was black not red. The cream came out the top spout and the milk out the lower spout if I remember right.
I have made a difficult decision I am going to sell my chicken I have reached the place where the daily struggle to go out and care for them is to much. My legs are brothering me so much I can hardly walk most days.


Sister--Three said...

We did not do this when I was a girl. We put the milk and those big cans and then put that in the cooler until the milk man came to get the milk. Fleta and I could lift those cans but not alone. She got on one side and me on the other and on 1, 2, 3, we gave a big grunt and usually we made it so the can would sit on the lip of the cooler and then moved it on in. At this time I probably weighed 100 pounds and Fleta only about 85.

I told myself then 'when I grow up...I am not milking cows for a living'.

ButtKurst said...

There's nothing like making your own fresh butter with the cream from whole milk! Especially since you're still left with the milk itself.