Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The dirt according to Flynt

Mr. Flynt with some help has a book out about our former leaders and their wives.
The sex life of our presidents..He said: 'I think Jefferson was like the Energizer Bunny with more than just Sally Hemmings if you know what I mean. Historians have stayed clear of anything that might be unsavoury about the guy who drafted the Constitution.'
According to the Daily Beast, Flynt was also surprised to discover that Buchanan had a gay lover yet supported slavery.
some of the things Flynt reveals in his book are how Ben Franklin helped save the American Revolution by seducing French women, that Dolley Madison slept around, and James Buchanan's gay love affair with a slave owner was a boon for secessionists.

He also claims that Abe Lincoln liked to share beds with men and Eleanor Roosevelt's lesbian affairs helped her become a crusader for equal rights. He also talks about the sexual prowess of Bill Clinton and JFK.
I suppose the fun is coming because Flynt likes to expose the candidates while they run . remember what Mr. Flynt did to Newt Gingrich?

Eisenbach said that 2012 presidential candidates should not rest easy in the hope that the book has taken over all of Flynt's spare time.
He said: 'He has kind of held back a bit, but as we get closer to the election there will be more revelations forthcoming.

'Let's just say, for example, that if you are making a big stand against gays in the military or gays marrying, you'd better have a clean bill of health on your own marriage vows.


Sister--Three said...

Take all with a grain of salt!

Donna said...

Well, I see the Internet now puts me in Bates City. That's much closer to home than Warrensburg, only about 10 miles, in fact.