Wednesday, April 06, 2011


54 degrees and wind. I went to feed and nearly was blown away. My lettuce is coming up slowly. I thought I might have to replant but I guess some is covered more than other because the seeds are coming up. I looked on line and found the seeds could sprout as early as 7 days and as long as 14 days Sunday will be 14 days so I guess it will come up. The radishes and onions are sprouting just fine. The guineas are not eating all of their feed so I guess they are getting some insects from their roaming over the yards. Ticks are suppose to be on their menu.


Sister--Three said...

I finally figured out you meant green. It is warm here today too.

Sister--Three said...

How you are doing well today. My onions are up about 3 radishes are through the ground, but my lettuce and potatoes and not up yet. Larry has watermelon and tomatoes in little cups to set out and yesterday he said he thought maybe we could plant our green beans soon. Is it too early?