Saturday, April 02, 2011

guinea hen hiding and the greening of my world

I am watching my guineas and they are changing their habits. Up until the last few days they more or less stay close together in a group or as it is called a flock now they are ranging out in pairs or one alone. Here in this photo is one of the lavender guinea hen going under the rose bush near the house, you can barley see her when she is under the bush and then here she comes out. I saw her do the same thing yesterday and I think she is looking for a nesting place.

My radishes were up several days ago and I went to look this morning and i believe I have a few small sprouts of lettuce poking their heads above the dirt. The temperature is suppose to get in the 70's today and 80 tomorrow . I expect the seeds will sprout in the next few days. The onions are sprouting now also.

Helen is busy cleaning her house. I have never seen anyone who loves to scrub more than this sister does.Fleta has been chasing deer I think . She posted a photo of several she called her deer over the hill and many miles from her home. Betty is watching the martins come home. I saw some fly over my head this morning hunting a home. I suppose someone up the hill has a martin house. I have one of daddy's but it isn't on a tall enough pole for the martins. The black birds and the sparrows move in it ever spring.

I went to feed the chickens and then I went out again to see what was going on in my world. I love this time of year everyday brings new life and hope blooms again. There is a song about what heaven must be like and my idea is that heaven is a place where it is always spring.


Judy said...

Hi Patsy, That is just beautiful when you said "Heaven is a place where it is always spring". I love it. I mowed my grass yesterday for the first time this year. It was in the 50s but the grass has been steadily growing. Today, we have the 60s, so we are slowly getting there and I am so ready. I am sure your guineas are fascinating and it is so much fun to watch them. I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.

Sister--Three said...

I love the birds...

I watched them all evening yesterday and then again early today. I even slept better because of the ease and enjoyment.

A little of my Dad is in me.