Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The king and the Donald

I am sick and disgusted with the news. Kate and William the king of England some day if he lives long enough. Just ask Charles how long he has been waiting patiently for Elizabeth to kick the bucket? What do I care about the royal pair didn't we fight our way clear of the king of England a few hundred years ago?

Then along comes Donald Trump and says he is going be our next president. The media jumped right on that story also and as for me they have ran it into the ground.
For you people who don't know our grandmother was a maples and she was the 2nd or 3 third cousin to Marla Maples now if Donald hadn't dumped her I might be willing to vote republican. Remember how many distant kin came crawling out of no where when Obama was elected? We might have been able to move right on into the white house maybe I could have become the resident nanny if they had raised some children. I can see the head lines now "The nanny from hell".

Come to think maybe I could claim kin to Obama thro' his Kansas roots after all his granny was born on dry creek in Carroll county and I lived on dry creek or was it long creek. I'll have to look that up and get my story straight before I come out of the closet.

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