Sunday, April 24, 2011

more bantams

Sam went chicken buying again. He got 2 that look as if they are silkie mixed these were young pullets then the other 2 were not over 2 months old an were just black bantams. I told him to put them in the house because we were having a down pour and later we looked out the window and the 2 youngest chickens were running around pecking at the ground in a hard rain.. I guess they were really hungry. I looked out later and they were back in the house and when the rain slacked off SAM went and threw some crack corn in the chicken house for them. I think that makes 19 hens in the pen.
It rained most of the day yesterday, My wheel borrow is full of water. Kelly came by and ate dinner. He is doing much better. He probably had worried him self into a frazzle.
Sammy bought a toaster that would toast 4 slices at a time last week and it had set in the floor here for a week in the box. I told Kelly if he wanted it to take it. Sam only gave 2 dollars for it at the sale. Kelly took the toaster and left the box when Sammy discovers the box is empty I am to deny all knowledge as what happen to his toaster.
Sam bought 2 yellow good size toy dump trucks and set them out by the garden and The next time fleta comes by they are going to be in her truck when she leaves. Robert will have a good time playing with them. crash bang!


Sister--Three said...

I am glad Kelly is feeling better. You can worry a lot about what might be...I know.

Judy said...

Hi Patsy, Hope you had a good Easter. Mine was good except for all the rain and tornado warnings. Seems to be an everyday thing here anymore. Now we have flash flooding. Guess it will end sometime and then we will probably go into a drought. Hope you have a good week and all the chickens are doing good, too.